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Time Management & Productivity

time management indianapolisTwo Words…. TIME & STRESS

One of the defining characteristics of the age we live in is our relationship with time. How often do you think “There just aren’t enough hours in the day” or hear yourself saying “I’m sorry, I just don’t have the time to… (fill in the blank!)

Modern life can be stressful… stress never goes away, rather the quality of our life is determined by the ways we choose to manage stress.

When we think about Feng Shui we generally think of it as a technique for managing our space and that is true. However, after many of years doing Feng Shui it has become very clear that getting the surroundings working for certain clients is often not enough. We have to address the issue of time.

I began to notice this TIME/STRESS relationship more and more, and I noticed it in my own life too. So I started to research the best techniques around for managing time and for dealing with stress.

I experimented for about a year and I believe I have come up with the perfect model to accompany Feng Shui.

I call it Arrange Your Space For Success and I have used it with dozens of clients with very positive results.

If you life in the Indianapolis area and would like to find out how you can double your productivity, whilst working less and feeling relaxed and responsive then give me a call to find out if this is a good fit for you.