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The Feng Shui of Indi

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So with all of Indianapolis’s recent growth and construction where does feng shui fit in to this picture? Are any of the ancient feng shui principles being applied, does anyone care, or should they care?

Cities across the country look to Downtown Indianapolis as a revitalization model. Since 1990, Indianapolis has invested nearly $9 billion of public and private funds equaling more than 485 projects in Downtown projects from 1990 through 2011.  This is an average of more than $408 million of new investment, each year, for the past 22 years.

Art in Architecture: Milton Glaser’s Color Fuses (Indianapolis Federal Building)

A film that tells the engaging story of the restoration of the artwork “Color Fuses” at the Minton-Capehart Federal Building in Indianapolis. The film illustrates the complexities of the restoration work and the team’s commitment and dedication to completing the artist’s vision. Featuring interviews with artist Milton Glaser, fine art conservators, lighting designers, and local art and architecture historians.

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